Huihan Li

Hi, my name is Huihan Li. I’m a second year PhD student working on Natural Language Processing in University of Southern California. I’m part of the INK Lab, advised by Xiang Ren. I got my M.S.E in Computer Science from Princeton University, being part of the Princeton Natural Language Processing Group and advised by Danqi Chen. I studied Computer Science and Cognitive & Linguistic Sciences at Wellesley College, working with Christine Bassem on human crowdsensing.

I am passionate about Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, and everything about languages. In high school, I competed in International Linguistics Olympiad representing China.

Outside of research, I enjoy all kinds of sports, cooking/baking, and reading.


My research focuses on training and evaluating language models using tasks that require mastering knowledge of the world. As of now, I am especially interested in robust natural language understanding, generation following constraints, and question answering.



  • Introduction to Programming Systems (COS217). Princeton University
  • Data Structures (CS230). Wellesley College


  • Ink Lab, USC. PhD Student. Sept. 2022 - Present
    • Research in Natural Language Processing
    • Advisor: Xiang Ren
  • AI2, Mosaic. Research Intern. May 2023 - Present
    • Work on Multicultural biases in LM
    • Mentor: Nouha Dziri, Yejin Choi
  • Apple. AI/ML Intern. May 2022 - Aug. 2022
    • Individual NLP research/engineering project, Siri Information Intelligence, Answers and Web Ranking Team
    • Mentors & Supervisors: Michael Tu, Nihkil Ramesh, Chris Dubois
  • Princeton NLP Group. M.S.E Student. Sept. 2020 - May 2022
    • Research in Natural Language Processing
    • Advisor: Danqi Chen
  • Wellesley College. Research Assistant. Sept. 2018 - July 2020
    • Research in Mobile Crowdsensing
    • Advisor: Christine Bassem
  • Google. SWE Intern. May 2019 - Aug. 2019
    • Individual engineering project, Shopping Assistant, Natural Language Team
    • Supervisors: Jesse Welch, John Karro

Honors and Awards

  • Siebel Scholars. Princeton University. Sept. 2021
  • Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society. Wellesley College. May 2020
  • Durant Scholars magna cum laude. Wellesley College. May 2020

Service and leadership

  • Reviewer. COLING 2024, ARR 2024
  • Student Representative on Board of Admission. Wellesley College. Oct. 2019 - May 2020